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Attention Grabbers for a support class persuasive essay by Julie …

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Leads-Attention Grabbers in Argumentative Essay

February 17, 2018
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Surprising Fact

Start an argumentative essay with an interesting and thought provoking fact.

While most plants do little more than add beauty to an area, others
are vicious hunters that set traps to catch bugs.


This type of detail tells about the purpose of something, describes
appearance, and tells what something is like.

Laughing children run. Ice cream venders scoop buckets of frosty
treats. Riders scream as their coasters zip through the air.


This lead begins with a quote. It is usually the quote of someone

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for
your country,” stated President Kennedy. This is still an important
question for each of us to ask ourselves today.


A. 500 words minimum (500-750 recommended)/12 font in Times New Roman or Arial/Double-Spaced or 1.5 spaced

B. Three separate classifications (one per each body paragraph)

C. Five paragraphs overall (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion)

D. Appropriate title

E. An attention-getting introduction that has a THESIS which clearly establishes direction for the argumentative essay

F. A good topic sentence for each body paragraph

AVOID topic sentences like this: “Another type of winter sport I’m going to discuss is snowboarding.” INSTEAD, write topic sentences that say something significant about the topic and avoid announcements like this: “Although snowboarding is one of the more expensive winter sports, it is also one of the most rewarding.”

G. Clear, logical, and meaningful classifications; avoid classifications that are
loosely based (e.g., skiing, bowling, and snowboarding as winter sports)

H. Plenty of illustration: details, examples, statistics, etc., supporting or explaining each classification and, ultimately, the THESIS.

I. No spelling errors in argumentative essay. Also, do not make any homonym errors.

J. Provide an appropriate name for each classification (e.g., Road Hogs, etc.)

K. Effective conclusion

L. Rough draft stapled to the back of the final copy.


There are many ways to write introductions , but one method that works well for this assignment is to begin with a definition. For example, if your topic is “types of parents”…
1. Look up parents in the dictionary.
2. Then begin like this: The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition defines
parents as “………………..”
3. Next, make some of your own remarks about parents in general. For example, explain whether you agree/disagree with this definition and what, if anything, should be added to or subtracted from this definition.
4. Finally, write your thesis as the last sentence of your introduction. Your thesis should indicate your three classifications—in this case the three major types of parents, according to you, and the general purpose of the argumentative essay.

EXAMPLE: “There are many types of parents in America, but there are three kids should be aware of, such as the strict disciplinarian parent, pushover parent, and buddy parent.”

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attention grabbers for essays examples

Attention grabbers for essays examples

attention grabbers for essays examples

Attention Grabber Example The Black Widow spider’s bite can cause coma and even death. The African Black Mamba can kill a man with one bite. But there’s an even. Hooks and Attention Grabbers. decide which type of attention grabber you will use for your essay. Take a look at this example introduction paragraph: Attention Grabber Examples. Attention Grabber: I’m a generally happy person. Example Essay on the Definition of Friendship If asked. Starting a piece of writing with an attention grabber is. it’s important to get the reader to that point with a good attention grabber. Starting an essay with. ATTENTION GRABBERS. for their own work in the area of opening and closing essay. You could not write a very good or insightful essay, for example. Attention Grabber Examples. how can i start my essay with a good attention grabber?!?. Source(s): start essay good attention grabber. Attention Getters for Essays: Types. While you can usually use a variety of attention grabbers for any essay. Attention Getters for Essays: Types & Examples. Writing a Good Attention Grabber or Hook. Edit 0 1. Read more: A List of Attention Getter Ideas for Essay Writing. How can you grab your readers’ attention from the very first line of your story? How to Write an Effective ap english 2009 synthesis essay Essay 5 Types of TOEFL. Attention-Grabbers to Use When Writing an Essay. Attention-grabbers should go at the very beginning. An example of a rhetorical question like How much longer.



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