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Forward Planning is a privately owned wealth advisory
firm with quality services and solutions for people just like you.

Starting out

We’re ready to grow with you, helping you to make smart decisions about money so that you get the best possible outcome for you, your family and your future.

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Starting a family

Investing wisely is the key to protecting
and growing your wealth. At Forward Planning, we’ll develop an investment strategy that’s tailor made for you.

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Planning for the future

Investing wisely is the key to protecting
and growing your wealth.  At Forward Planning,
we’ll develop an investment strategy
that’s tailor made for you.

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Protecting what you have

Insurance is the cornerstone of a sound
financial plan. Without it, you risk
losing everything you’ve
worked hard to achieve.

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Retire in comfort

We all look forward to the day when
we finally leave the workforce
and enjoy a
comfortable life in retirement.

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Your legacy

Protect your legacy by ensuring
your assets are transferred
to your loved ones
according to your wishes.

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  • David and Pat

    “Some years ago, when receiving taxation advice, it became apparent that we needed more comprehensive financial advice and we were referred to Jo. We were in a reasonable financial position, however it was important to re-structure our financial affairs in the period leading up to retirement.”

    “The services provide by Jo are comprehensive. Complex issues are well explained and alternative strategies are suggested, though the final decision is always ours. We particularly appreciated the guidance we received regarding superannuation and transition to retirement. This included personal attendance at interviews with my superannuation fund.”

    “Jo’s advice has always been provided in a warm and friendly manner and we have always been very comfortable with the quality of the advice. We are confident that she is acting in our best interests, and trust is an important factor in our relationship.”

    “The benefits have been considerable, not only in financial terms, but in providing us with the peace of mind that our financial affairs are in the best of hands.”

    David and Pat

  • Jan B

    “I was about to turn 65 and I was very ignorant of what to do about preparing for an income stream during retirement. I had superannuation but needed advice about setting that up for retirement income. I wasn’t sure how long I needed to continue working to ensure that I would have enough super for retirement.”

    “Jo was very knowledgeable and was able to provide important information and strategies for me to add to my superannuation while I was continuing to work and to ensure that I would be set up for retirement in a few years. She was enthusiastic about helping me, worked with me to ascertain my risk profile and gave me confidence that my money was well invested for the future. She made me feel that I could contact her at any time if I wanted advice.”

    “I feel very comfortable with the knowledge that Jo is there to give advice and she checks up with me regularly. She always makes sure I feel happy with my profile and portfolio and is willing to look at options that I might raise now that I am more involved with my financial situation.“

    “As I no longer have an employment income, being retired, it is essential that my superannuation is well managed and I am very pleased with the continuing results. I would not have been able to achieve these results without Jo’s knowledge and advice that considers my wellbeing and feelings.”

    Jan B

  • Jerome P

    “Our accountant suggested we see Jo about our super and debt. Jo completed a full analysis of our financial situation and recommended a range of insurances as well as consolidating our super plans.  She ensured the insurances would protect our increased debt levels, and provide for our family in the event of something happened to us.”

    “After having our insurances for two years, I contracted Multiple Sclerosis.  If I didn’t have the insurances we would be bankrupt, not have a home to live in and be on Centrelink benefits.”

    “Our retirement plans are still intact.  We are able to continue to enjoy our lifestyle prior to my illness, go on holidays, be financially secure, and continue to contribute into super.”

    “Jo provides an excellent service, is easy to understand, very down to earth and thoughtful.  When I have an appointment to see Jo I tell my wife I’m off to see my ‘best mate’ Jo.”

    Jerome P


A privately owned wealth advisory firm with a big heart

We all have dreams and ambitions for the future and while these are as individual as your personality, the pathway to financial
security and achieving your goals is through strategic financial planning.

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Contact us

  • [email protected]
  • 0428 248 168
  • Unit 3 / Level 1, 149b Macquarie Street,
    Hobart TAS 7000


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Colonial First State announces partnership with UTS

16 February 2016by Daniel Paperny

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Rice Warner argues the creation of scope for joint super accounts would help create greater clarity around male and female member investment.

Colonial First State (CFS) is partnering with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in a bid to better understand how Australians engage with their superannuation and wealth.

The agreement sees both parties explore a framework of mutually beneficial programs and activities which include collaborative research projects, an industry doctorate program, HDR/PhD student projects (such as student internships), Capstone projects, training and development, contract research, and other opportunities.

UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT dean, Professor Ian Burnett, said the partnership will help the university drive “excellence and innovation” through industry engagement.

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“The UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT has always had a strong focus on collaborative research with the aim of putting the best research tools into the hands of practitioners,” he said.

“The work Colonial First State is doing with our Advanced Analytics Institute puts that goal into action.”

According to CFS, one of the first collaborative outcomes will be a set of predictive and prescriptive models to help the company understand which customers are more likely to “redeem their investment” in the near future.

CFS claims the models will allow them to observe a variety of relationship patterns between investors, employers, financial planners, and competitors, as well as achieve “more accurate predictions” than traditional approaches.

CFS’ executive general manager, Linda Elkins, said the partnership was important for talent development and will also build on the insights CFS delivers to financial advisers about their business models and processes.

“[We] can collaborate to develop the most talented digital and analytics people who will provide core critical thinking, and practical insights about our business and advisers’ businesses,” Elkins said.

“The relationship between CFS and UTS really broadens the potential for delivering more and deeper insights in the future.”

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Daniel Paperny

Daniel Paperny is a technology journalist for Cirrus Media, writing for financial services mastheads FST Media, Money Management and Super Review. Previously, Daniel was the editor of the Bondi View newspaper, focusing on investigative news reporting in current affairs, finance, sports and politics.
Daniel’s social profiles:
  • E-mail author
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
More articles by Daniel:
  • View articles on Money Management
  • View articles on Super Review


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